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Diamoire Jewels Diamond and 10kt Yellow Gold Pave Pendant gzXNv
Diamoire Jewels Diamond and 10kt Yellow Gold Pave Pendant
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Results comparing responses to personal and vicarious vignettes revealed a significant difference and large effect size, with students reporting significantly higher resilience for the vicarious adversity vignette (see Figure 2 ). This effect was not explained by group differences in self-efficacy. That students advocate more positive adaptive responses to adversity experienced by a peer provides potentially valuable insights for resilience building. In general terms, it supports the value of peer mentoring and peer assisted learning and lessens concerns that negative belief systems might impact negatively on academic advocacy. In fact results suggest that students, including those with lower self-efficacy, are likely to be a positive source of encouragement and resilience for peers who are experiencing challenge and adversity. This is an important finding given continued growth in the implementation, evaluation and reputed benefits of peer assisted learning initiatives ( Ginsburg-Block et al., 2006 ; Smith et al., 2007 ; Romito, 2014 ). In more specific terms, results suggest that students are aware of what are and are not adaptive responses and have the potential to exhibit greater personal resilience than they may be currently exhibiting. One aspect of interventions promoting resilience could involve highlighting this difference between personal and vicarious resilience and encouraging students to reflect on their own reasons for advocating greater resilience for their peers and to explore the potential to move toward greater personal adoption of the responses advocated for their peers. Using examples of differences in specific responses, where significant differences in 23 of the 30 items are reported (see Table 7 ), could be helpful in this respect, enabling students to focus on areas where responses could be more adaptive.

Whilst academic resilience was significantly higher for the vicarious vignette for both lower and higher self-efficacy groups, the difference between personal and vicarious vignettes was greatest for lower self-efficacy students (see Figure Angara Mens Satin Finish Surface Comfort Fit Wedding Band widAho2
). One interpretation of this is that lower ASE students have more to gain than students with higher self-efficacy from reflecting on how they respond to adversity experienced by a peer and using this to help promote more adaptive responses to personal adversity.

Consistent with previous studies ( Munro and Pooley, 2009 ; McLafferty et al., 2012 ), no significant differences in academic resilience according to age, gender, or year of study were observed in the present study. That females were heavily underrepresented in the sample does limit confidence in this particular finding, particularly in light of studies that do report greater academic resilience in female undergraduates (e.g., Allan et al., 2014 ).

Although the study offers advances in applied academic resilience research and practice, some important limitations need to be considered when interpreting the results and conclusions of the study. Resilience studies commonly operationalize adversity in terms of difficult or unpleasant situations or experiences. It is suggested that the case vignettes developed for the study represent adversity in a relevant and authentic way for the purposes of studying academic adversity. Others—Martin and Marsh (2008 , 2009) and Diamoire Jewels Amorous 18kt White Gold Diamond Pave Pendant QocxKWp8
for example—may argue that the vignette is not sufficiently traumatic, stressful or prolonged to adequately represent adversity as it is routinely represented in resilience studies. The ARS-30 is a newly developed measure of academic resilience and although findings do support its reliability and validity, further development work, particularly examining its predictive validity, will add to its integrity as a measure of academic resilience. Comparisons of personal and vicarious resilience were made between subject groups, introducing individual difference error; within-subject comparisons would provide a more robust basis upon which to draw conclusions regarding this aspect of the study. Also, given the differences that emerged between responses to the personal and vicarious case vignettes, those parts of the analysis that combine resilience response data across the vignettes should be treated with caution, focussing instead on analyses presented for the vignettes independently.

Himalaya Studios, the team behind the four acclaimed AGD Interactive Sierra remakes , and the commercially released " Zales Diamond Accent Solitaire Cross Pendant in 10K Gold 4aRLh
", has experience in game development, dating back to 2001.
At a time when the industry was paying little attention to the adventure game genre, co-founders Britney Brimhall and Christopher Warren set out to remake Sierra's flagship title, "King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown".
The project soon attracted public attention and downloads rose rapidly. In the month following, official sales of Sierra's then four-year-old "King's Quest: Mask of Eternity" spiked enormously, outselling even new releases (* L4K3 JEWELRY Bracelets su YOOXCOM gITtatLrgT
). We soon realized the impact our remake was having, and subsequently developed remakes of King's Quest II III, and Quest for Glory II.
Despite the success of our licensed Sierra remakes, we've always wanted to develop an original Adventure / RPG set in a medieval fantasy world, reminiscent of the classic storytelling which remains popular today. With Mage's Initiation, we are realizing this vision as we pool our efforts into an exciting new title!
We're working alongside some exceptional talent, who have contributed to such acclaimed adventure titles as Wadjet Eye Games' Angara Blue Sapphire Solitaire Necklace with Diamond in White Gold pANveX
and the forthcoming Zales Childs Disney Twinkle Snow White Ruby Beaded Apple Pendant in 14K Gold 14 4lBh7KLg
, the game recently Kickstarted by Quest for Glory creators Lori and Corey Cole.
Christopher Warren - CEO and Co-Founder
Chris was a late-comer to Sierra's adventure games, not having played any of the classics until '93. After getting his first taste of King's Quest, he quickly became hooked and made up for lost time. He established AGD Interactive and Himalaya Studios with company co-founder Britney Brimhall, and has directed all projects developed by both studios over the past 13 years. In his capacity as CEO, he not only manages the company, but also gets his hands dirty working on game design, art, animation, and programming. This ensures a constant overview from simultaneous administrative and creative perspectives, resulting in a greater degree of control over how the game looks, plays, and feels.
Daniel Stacey - Writer and Designer

Daniel was first introduced to adventure games at the impressionable age of twelve, a moment which inspired a frenzied flurry of fan fiction and original works. Now a teacher, he attributes his love of literacy, writing and interactive storytelling to these gems, both past and present, and hopes to continue writing and designing games for the benefit of players. His past contributions include Gucci Mens Tiger Head Cuff Ring FUcNzu
, and the commercially released Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine. With Daniel's talent for game design and engaging storytelling, Mage's Initiation promises to be enjoyable and satisfying experience for even the most hardened adventure gamer!

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